Heat Healer

Heat Healer

We all know the benefits of a sauna and a good sweat, but what about with the addition of infrared light? Infrared light therapy is an up and coming therapy treatment essential in detoxification, pain management, and much much more. At Balanced Body Healthcare, we are equipped to provide infrared therapy in a new and untraditional, but profoundly relaxing way; in the form of a blanket.

Our Heat Healer blanket provides sauna and infrared like results in the form of a blanket. Composed of 96 tourmaline and jade stones, infrared therapy and warmth effectly distribute heat and infrared waves to your whole body.

Luxury, relaxation, and professional-grade features, our Infrared Sauna Blanket provides a variety of health benefits while also providing a relaxing and soothing treatment. Effective in addressing chronic pain and holistic detoxification, you’ll leave BBH feeling lighter and more relaxed.

The Heat Healer has been shown to be profoundly effective in relaxation, easing aches and pains, burning calories, jumpstarting metabolism, and invoking a sweat detox process. Leave our spa with improved energy and a healthier status in one relaxing session.


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