PDO Threading

PDO Threading

Thread lifts have become a minimally invasive alternative to the facelift for patients who are not ready or don’t require as aggressive treatment options such as a traditional, surgical facelift. Although the effects from a thread lift will be temporary and require maintenance touch-ups occasionally you will note a significant improvement with a general smoothing and tightening appearance of fine lines and wrinkles immediately with continued improvements in your skin’s complexion and youthful glow as the procedure stimulates natural collagen production beneath the skin’s surface.


PDO, also known as polydioxanone, is an absorbable compound that can be tacked and placed under the skin. PDO threads and sutures are effective when used for thread lifts just below the surface of the skin. PDO thread lifts sometimes referred to as PDS thread lifts, are minimally invasive and come with a variety of characteristics to ensure optimal use to meet your skincare goals.

The Balanced Body Healthcare skilled injectors begin with a thorough assessment to ensure the most appropriate technique for your specific goals. There are three common PDO sutures: mono, cog, and screw threads. Mono threads are individual, smooth textured threads that are most effective to use attacks or anchors to provide a lifting and smoothing effect. Cog threads consist of a barbed texture that provides a more drastic and pronounced lift with an increase in collagen production as compared to the mono threads. Screw threads have 1-2 interposed and combined threads which provide a volumizing plump and lift to the treated area more so than a lifting technique as compared to the Cog threads.

Before treatment, the patient’s skin will be marked for proper insertion and thread guiding to create the desired aesthetic. After correct location and guided areas are distinguished, a light local anesthetic will be used to allow complete client relaxation and decreased discomfort to enhance the relaxation of this treatment! Multiple threads can be placed during one appointment and are placed with a long cannula, or tube holding the thread along the insertion needle. The cannula will be pushed just beneath the skin along with the aforementioned pinpointed areas.

When the thread has reached its desired effect and area, the thread will be “released” and the cannula removed. With the ability to place anywhere from 1-15 threads per session, Balanced Body Healthcare is sure that we can help you meet your desired anti-aging results! Finally, the threads will be massaged to ensure the tissue is smooth and no dimpling is present.

This minimally invasive technique requires next to no recovery is minimal and most patients are able to resume normal activity within 1-week post-treatment. PDO threading is an effective anti-aging and lifting technique to address sagging jowls, fine lines and wrinkles, nasolabial folds, loose sagging skin, and refine neck/jawline definition.


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