How Does Mobile IV Therapy Work?

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Nowadays, especially during this pandemic that affected every one of us, rushing out to the hospital or clinics, or even going out of the comfort of our home, is neither sound nor advisable. Luckily, there is Mobile IV-Therapy. What is Mobile IV-Therapy? How is it different from normal IV-Therapy? How does it work?


IV Therapy

The relief delivered by IV Therapy is renowned for being accessible and effective for treating different health conditions, dehydration, emergencies, and even for leisure. May it be after a hard day’s work, feeling unwell on your rest day, feeling exhausted after a sports event or an intense workout, or you just want to take time to relax, you can consider IV therapy. But did you know that you can have the privilege of not having to go out of your home and still experience dehydration, relief, and even attain your optimal health level?

We would like to gladly introduce to you Mobile IV-Therapy. It works the same with casual or traditional IV therapy. IV stands for Intravenous. IV uses vitamins, minerals, and medicine to directly enter your bloodstream. Hence, it is the most effective and fastest way of delivering vitamins, minerals, or medicine to your body.

Nowadays, IV is commonly used as a therapy for health conditions, rehydration, recovery, and even sports events and hangovers. Let’s take a deeper dive into where and how therapy is used these days.


1. Hangover Relief

There are times when you just have had enough alcohol on a night out. After the night, you experience that extreme exhaustion, dry mouth, upset stomach, and everything you see in the room twists and twirls. As usual, you run to your medicine kit, take in a pain-reliever and chug down three glasses of water, or even more, and go back to bed, the usual remedy for a hangover. Here is where IV therapy can be used. IV therapy helps in rehydration. Plus, the fluids in the IV contain certain vitamins and minerals that can help in treating nausea, headache, and heartburn.

Imagine that you have that worst (and best) hangover you’ve ever had. You might think to yourself that you will feel better just by staying at home and taking home remedies for your hangover instead of heading out to a clinic or a hospital. But with Mobile IV-Therapy, you just need to call the clinic or hospital, and within a few minutes, you’ll experience IV-Therapy at the comfort of your own home. By then, just an hour after the therapy, you’ll feel like you’re back to normal as if you did not drink last night.

It’s time for another shot! Just kiddin’.


2. Cold and flu relief

Even the slightest cold and flu can be a nuisance and can affect our work. It can also be worrisome that family members in the house might get infected by a cold or flu. That’s why we try to get rid of them as soon as symptoms arise. There is an IV designed to relieve us from cold and flu. Cold and flu IV contains vitamins and minerals to help our immune system to fight against cold and flu. Additionally, anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medications can also be included in the IV. Anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medications can help relieve the discomfort caused by the symptoms of cold and flu, which include: coughing, body aches, headache, and fever.

Nowadays, it feels like going outside while you are experiencing cold and flu symptoms are hard. Especially, the pandemic virus is present almost anywhere, not just in the U.S., but also around the world, making going outdoors feel like a battlefield. Luckily, with Mobile IV therapy, you can strengthen your immune system and help fight cold and flu without having to go out on the battlefield.


3. Immune System Support

IV contains minerals and vitamins that help us strengthen our immune system and helps fight off unwanted viruses and diseases. IV therapy can hasten your recovery when you’ve caught the bug or prevent you from catching one. Booking a monthly appointment with the clinic or hospital can sometimes not match our hectic schedule. Thus, Mobile IV Therapy is guaranteed to solve the problem. Whether you have lots of ample time or just have a few hours to sneak immunity support, Mobile IV Therapy surely matches your schedule at the comfort of your home.


4. Migraine and Headache Relief

No matter how hard we try to prevent headaches or migraines, it comes uninvitedly. Most often than not, the exact cause of headaches and migraines isn’t always known. If you happen to look for a convenient and fast relief for your headache and migraine, IV therapy surely does the job.

When you’re having a bad headache or migraine, most probably, you do not want to get out of your room, more especially, your house. Mobile IV Therapy is an IV therapy brought to your home. Savor the relief in the comfort of your home.


5. Pregnancy Symptom Alleviation

Pregnancy is never easy, especially sudden morning sickness. Ironically, it does not happen just in the morning but at any time of the day. It is frustrating and affects the daily life of a pregnant woman. While you try to focus on keeping the baby healthy by keeping yourself the same, you get tremendously stressed when morning sickness kicks in. IV therapy for pregnancy is designed to help pregnant women. It includes fluids that help in rehydration. At the same time, it contains vitamins and medication that can help fight nausea and vomiting, thus lesser side effects of morning sickness.

During pregnancy, especially the last trimester, a pregnant woman must keep herself healthy and try to stay at home, relax, and avoid being stressed out. But, how can you enjoy IV Therapy if you are discouraged from going out of your home? Mobile Therapy does the job. Say goodbye to excessive nausea and vomiting. Hello, pleasant mornings!


6. Athletic Performance Recovery

During training, athletes and the like experience exhaustion from it. May it be just hitting the gym casually or training extremely for the next major game, you can be left feeling drained and sore. Additionally, life doesn’t just stop right there. You still have lots of things left to do after the physical activity. You will need a boost for your energy and recovery to do more. There is an IV Therapy specially designed for such. Recovery Therapy includes multiple components, such as fluids, vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids, that can help you rehydrate, improve your energy level, and even repair tissue damage caused by physical activities.

Tired of your training, thus do you not have extra energy to exert to go to a clinic or a hospital? Mobile IV Therapy is just right for you. Just relax, breathe in, take in your IV at the comfort of your home, and sooner, you’ll reach your goals!


7. Weight Gain

Many struggles with weight loss, but that doesn’t save some from experiencing the inability to gain weight no matter how much they eat or exercise. There are IVs specialized for supplementing more vitamins and minerals necessary for weight gain.


8. Weight Loss

Weight loss IV therapy combines lipotropic, hydrating fluids, and a special formulation of vitamins to help boost your metabolism. Weight loss IV therapy is a great therapy alongside exercise, healthy eating, and an active lifestyle.

The procedure of Mobile IV therapy, just like any other IV therapy, usually lasts depending on what condition you want to address or why you are going to undergo the therapy. Usually, it lasts 45 minutes up to an hour.

How long until you experience the effect of the therapy? Well, depending on what therapy you want to go through, and other factors such as your level of dehydration, what vitamin you are lacking, and what vitamins and medicines are included in the IV. Others experience relief a few minutes after the therapy – like with headaches and migraines, while others experience it in the long run, like with IV Therapy for immunity boosting. How long until you experience the effect of the therapy also depends on the vitamins, minerals, and medication included in the IV drips.

Why bother going outside the comfort of your home when you can get relief, immunity, and supplement right at it. Contact the nearest healthcare service provider near you. Or, if you happen to reside within or near Kaysville, Utah, contact Balanced Body Healthcare. Providing both in-home and in-clinic services, Balance Body Healthcare is prepared to assist and create a personalized, one-of-a-kind treatment plan for each client that walks through the facility doors so each patient can achieve holistic wellness and take control of their health with qualified practitioners on their side. Physical symmetry and healthful internally, balanced. Balanced Body Healthcare.