How Long Does IV Therapy Last?

How Long Does IV Therapy Last | Balance Body Healthcare

While drinking plenty of fluids keeps the body hydrated, alternative treatments to remain hydrated and maintain normal bodily functions come to the rescue. One alternative that delivers 100 percent of vitamins and supplements into the body is IV Therapy. Nonetheless, its IV drip provides the fluid containing minerals, vitamins, or medication injected into the vein, moving quickly through the bloodstream. Additionally, infusion therapy directly delivers vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant compounds to the bloodstream. Some therapies can, among other things, help increase energy levels, enhance sports performance, or boost the immune system. In particular, the number of doses needed for the exact infusion will depend on the results of the pre-treatment testing and what the patient is trying to achieve.

What Are The Uses Of IV Therapy?

While there are two main benefits for anyone who wants to try IV therapy, including convenience and promoting health and wellness, this therapy also provides different uses that can benefit many people. In general, the main types of IV therapy are:

  • Athletic Performance Recovery IV therapy can help athletes recover following periods of exertion. Recovery IV drip therapy includes several components designed to support athletes during the recovery period. Fluids help rehydrate, while vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids help improve energy levels and repair any tissue damage.
  • Cold and Flu Relief: This IV therapy can relieve cold or flu symptoms and help keep a person hydrated. It has vitamins and minerals to support the immune system, plus anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medications. Thus, it helps relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of the cold and flu, such as coughing, body aches, headache, and fever. 
  • Hangover ReliefAfter a bad hangover, IV therapy is a helpful way to find relief. This IV therapy includes fluids used to rehydrate the body and vitamins to help improve energy levels. In addition, it also has medication to reduce the painful symptoms of nausea, heartburn, and headache. 
  • Immune System Support: The immune system fights infection and keeps the body healthy to avoid sickness, but still, it isn’t enough. IV therapy can help support the immune system. IV therapy for immune system support includes several vitamins and minerals that help naturally boost the immune system and reduce the chances of being sick.
  • Migraine And Headache Relief: Migraines and headaches’ common triggers include stress, diet, environment, and certain medications. The IV therapy for migraines and headaches includes vitamins and medication to help reduce inflammation and mitigate painful symptoms. If a person experiences nausea with migraines, the IV therapy package can include anti-nausea medication. 
  • Pregnancy symptom alleviation: During pregnancy, the woman’s body undergoes tremendous stress and changes, and one thing that is common to this is having morning sickness. It is triggered by different environmental factors, such as smell, morning sickness, causes an upset stomach, and vomiting. The IV therapy for morning sickness is designed to help pregnant women stay hydrated and reduce the unpleasant effects of morning sickness. This IV therapy includes fluids for hydration, vitamins, and medication to help manage nausea and vomiting. 

What Does An IV Therapy Bag Consist Of?

Mainly, the IV therapy bag contains saline, vitamins, minerals, and medication but specific components of it include:

  • Antibiotics. In cases of infection, it is administered directly into a vein to enter the bloodstream immediately and bypass the absorption in the gut.
  • Antioxidants. Glutathione, or vitamins A, C, or E, are antioxidants that help protect your body’s cells from many different diseases.
  • Calcium. A mineral that is needed to stay healthy. It helps build strong bones and teeth. 
  • Dextrose. A sugar type can be used in IV therapy to help normalize low blood sugar levels. 
  • Lactated Ringer’s. It contains water, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and sodium lactate, also used as a delivery system for other ingredients. 
  • Magnesium. A vital mineral that plays an integral role in healthy metabolic function. 
  • Vitamin B. It consists of B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-9, and B-12, collectively known as vitamin B complex. Vitamin B complex is an essential element of a healthy diet because it directly contributes to metabolism and nerve function that are critical bodily functions.
  • Vitamin C. Another common IV vitamin that is essential for a healthy immune system function.
  • Saline. It serves as a delivery system for the other components of the IV therapy, which is made up of water and sodium chloride.

Who Should Take The IV Therapy?

While IV therapy is being used for various health concerns, there are patients with the following conditions who have responded well to these treatments:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hyperthyroidism and Angina
  • Migraines
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain
  • Sinus and Respiratory Tract Infections

In addition, many people are also using IV therapy for quick rehydration after intense sports, such as running a marathon, enhanced skin clarity, and curing a hangover. Other good candidates for vitamin infusion therapy include people who cannot eat sufficient amounts of food or those with the condition that interferes with the absorption of nutrients.

How Long Does IV Therapy Last?

Significantly, the IV therapy drips amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fluids at a controlled rate. When the patient is connected to the IV, which is usually a quick and straightforward procedure, the entire length of the therapy will depend on the reason for an IV therapy. The process may take longer but typically require 45 minutes to one hour of the patient’s time. Once again, some IV therapies can be done relatively quickly, while others will take longer. The validity of the effects will again differ depending on the individual and their health status. While the noticeable effects usually last for two to four days, the underlying medical benefits sustain much longer than that. Keep in mind that IV therapies are only administered by a healthcare professional, usually a nurse, for various reasons, from dehydration to medical emergencies. 

Final Thoughts

Vitamin IV therapy is no question the most sought-after include stress relief, ridding the body of toxins, balancing hormones, boosting immunity, and making the skin healthier. In addition, IV Hydration drips are a new medical spa trend that is effective in rapid recovery that will help improve health and wellness in one easy stop. Balanced Body Healthcare offers IV therapy that infers amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and other crucial nutrients needed to look and perform the clients’ absolute best as little as an hour. 

Ultimately, their hydration infusions allow total absorption of 100% of the nutrients in the IV. At the same time, oral vitamins often get filtered out or missed due to the time-consuming and limited process when absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. This method of vitamin administration provides the body with instant replenishment of vitamins and minerals in the bloodstream and on a cellular level. What are you waiting for? Get that holistic care personalized to your specific needs.